Consumer Financial Services

Research and analysis on products, services and conditions that promote or inhibit wealth creation and economic mobility.

Published Article | October 2007
The Portfolios and Wealth of Low-Income Homeowners and Renters: Findings from an Evaluation of Self-Help Ventures Fund’s Community Advantage Program
Community Development Working Paper, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Michael A. Stegman, Allison Freeman, Jong-Gyu Paik

Book Chapter | May 2007
The Wealth-Creating Potential of Homeownership: A Preliminary Assessment of Price Appreciation Among Low-income Home Buyers
Chasing the American Dream
Michael A. Stegman, Roberto G. Quercia, Walter R. Davis

Published Article – Peer Reviewed | May 2007
The Determinants of Home Price Appreciation Among Community Reinvestment Homeowners
Housing Studies
Michael A. Stegman, Roberto G. Quercia, Walter R. Davis

Research Report | September 21, 2005
Latino Lending: Analysis of the Consumer Loan Portfolio of North Carolina’s Cooperativa Communitaria Latino de Crédito
Jonathan Spader, Janneke Ratcliffe, Michael A. Stegman

Published Article – Peer Reviewed | September 2005
Welfare, Work and Banking: The Use of Consumer Credit by Current and Former TANF Recipients in Charlotte, North Carolina
Journal of Urban Affairs
Michael A. Stegman, Robert Faris
Researchers analyze banking and credit behavior of current and recent welfare recipients in Charlotte, N.C., and recommend that TANF programs address banking and credit issues.

Research Report | August 5, 2005
Transforming Tax Refunds into Assets: A Panel Survey of VITA Clients in Greenville, Henderson, and Raleigh, North Carolina
Jonathan Spader, Janneke Ratcliffe, Michael A. Stegman

Research Report | December 10, 2004
The Role of Technology in Serving the Unbanked
Michael A. Stegman, Marta Rocha, Walter R. Davis
Center researchers examine whether banks are using ATM technology to expand services that bring unbanked individuals into the financial mainstream.

Presentation | September 22, 2004
What Will it Take to Get More Financial Institutions to Sponsor IDAs?
IDA Learning Conference New Orleans, La.
Michael A. Stegman

Presentation | April 28, 2004
Evolution of Banking & Access to Financial Services in the U.S.
World Bank Conference on Broadening Urban Access to Financial Services, Cartagena, Colombia
Michael Stegman

Working Paper | December 2003
The State of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)
Michael A. Stegman, Jennifer S. Lobenhofer, John Quinterno
Researchers examine the costs, benefits, challenges and policy implications of the widespread use by states of electronic benefit transfer (EBT) technology to distribute welfare benefits.

The UNC Center for Community Capital conducts research and policy analysis on ways to make financial services work better for more people and communities.


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