Published Article | June 2007
Who’s Counting? Measuring Social Outcomes from Targeted Private Equity
Community Development Investment Review
Janneke Ratcliffe

Research Report | May 2007
Persistency Pays Off: Prepayment Behavior of Affordable Home Mortgages
Janneke Ratcliffe, Haiou Zhu, Lei Ding, Roberto G. Quercia, Michael A. Stegman

Published Article – Peer Reviewed | January 2007
Preventive Servicing is Good for Business and Affordable Homeownership Policy
Housing Policy Debate
Michael A. Stegman, Roberto G. Quercia, Janneke Ratcliffe, Lei Ding, Walter R. Davis

Research Report | September 21, 2005
Latino Lending: Analysis of the Consumer Loan Portfolio of North Carolina’s Cooperativa Communitaria Latino de Crédito
Jonathan Spader, Janneke Ratcliffe, Michael A. Stegman

Research Report | August 5, 2005
Transforming Tax Refunds into Assets: A Panel Survey of VITA Clients in Greenville, Henderson, and Raleigh, North Carolina
Jonathan Spader, Janneke Ratcliffe, Michael A. Stegman

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