Research Report | October 2003
Financial Institutions and Individual Development Accounts: Results of a National Survey
Researchers survey all financial institutions currently offering ndividual Development Account (IDA) programs to assess how well they work and how they might achieve scale.

NCFinancial ServicesSurvey
Research Report | October 2001
North Carolina Financial Services Survey
Michael A. Stegman, Robert Faris
Researchers assessed the composition and needs of unbanked working N.C. families and whether North Carolina should expand financial services as part of welfare reform.

Research Report | August 2001
Creating Value in Inner City Supermarkets The Community Pride Way: A Case Study
Michael A. Stegman, Jennifer S. Lobenhofer
Center researchers document the compelling business model of the nation's largest minority grocer. Jimmy Johnson focuses on superior, customer-targeted service, community involvement, and workforce development and retention.

Research Report | August 1, 2001
Business-First Economic Development Benefits the Inner City: A Partnership of the Eaton Corporation Navy Controls Division and The Northwest Side Community Development Corporation
Michael A. Stegman, Jennifer S. Lobenhofer
A case study describes how significant engagement with community organizations and public officials helps a major employer in a declining industry remain competitive and a low-income minority neighborhood build a competitive workforce and prosper.

Research Report | February 19, 2001
The Impacts of IDA Programs on Family Savings and Asset-Holdings
Michael A. Stegman, Robert Faris, Oswaldo Urdapilleta Gonzalez
Researchers assess the financial impact of a national Individual Development Account (IDA) pilot, Downpayment on the American Dream Demonstration, and the net savings and assets of program participants.

Research Report | May 1999
A Guide to Low-Cost Financial Products In North Carolina
A guide to low-cost checking, savings and other account services available at banks and credit unions in North Carolina.

The UNC Center for Community Capital conducts research and policy analysis on ways to make financial services work better for more people and communities.


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