Affordable Homeownership

Research and policy analysis on what works to expand homeownership opportunity safely, sustainably and as widely as possible to American families.

Riley FDIC Strategic Default
Presentation | October 17, 2013
Strategic Default Attitudes and Behavior among Low‐Income Homeowners
FDIC 3rd Annual Consumer Research Symposium, Arlington, Va.

Manturuk Health Wealth
Presentation | October 17, 2013
Health and Wealth: The Role of Housing in Asset-Building and Health Outcome
2013 Pathways to Prosperity Conference, Durham, N.C.
Kim Manturuk

Park ABA
Presentation | October 4, 2013
Community Reinvestment Act Overview
American Bar Association 2013 Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law, Asheville, N.C.

Harvard Symposium - Moulton, Quercia
Working Paper | October 2013
Access and Sustainability for First Time Homebuyers: The Evolving Role of State Housing Finance Agencies
Harvard Business School National Housing Symposium
Stephanie Moulton, Roberto G. Quercia

Harvard Symposium - Levitan, Ratcliffe
Working Paper | October 2013
Rethinking Duties to Serve in Housing Finance
Harvard Business School National Housing Symposium
Adam J. Levitin, Janneke Ratcliffe
As the nation rebuilds its housing finance system, a key question is whether lending institutions have “duties to serve” (DTS) – obligations to reach out to traditionally underserved communities and borrowers – and, if so, by whom, with what and how. This paper discusses the importance of homeownership for economic opportunity and recommends reforms that will make DTS more effective.

Harvard Symposium - Lindblad, Rohe
Working Paper | August 2013
Reexamining the Social Benefits of Homeownership after the Housing Crisis
Harvard Business School National Housing Symposium
William M. Rohe, Mark R. Lindblad

Published Article – Peer Reviewed | July 2013
House Price Dynamics, Unemployment, and the Mobility Decisions of Low-income Homeowners
Sarah F. Riley, Giang Nguyen, Kim Manturuk

Research Report | June 5, 2013
Making the Mortgage Market Work for America’s Families
Janneke Ratcliffe, Center for American Progress, National Council of La Raza

Developing the Blueprint for Viable Low-down-payment Lending
Policy Brief | May 2013
Developing the Blueprint for Viable Low-down-payment Lending
Janneke Ratcliffe
The UNC Center for Community Capital convenes a group of mortgage lenders, housing advocates, academics, policy influencers and government agency representatives for a conversation about how to rebuild a mortgage market in the wake of the financial crisis that is safer and how to extend the benefits of homeownership to less-affluent borrowers, particularly those with lower down payments.

Working Paper | May 2013
Credit and Collateral: Rising Denial Rates on Home Purchase Mortgage Applications, 2001-2011
Kevin A. Park
The odds of being denied a mortgage in 2011 are twice what they were a decade earlier, with more than 60 percent of the increase between 2007 and 2009 attributable to concerns about the value of the property used to secure the mortgage.

The UNC Center for Community Capital conducts research and policy analysis on ways to make financial services work better for more people and communities.


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