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Research, policy analysis and recommendations on how to create a housing finance system that promotes broad access to quality mortgage products for families and communities and ensures a vibrant, sustainable mortgage market.

Policy Brief | March 19, 2013
Home Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks: Fact Sheet

Research Report | March 19, 2013
Home Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks: Executive Summary

Research Report | March 2013
Home Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks

Working Paper | February 2013
Affordable Homeownership: The Incidence and Effect of Downpayment Assistance
Allison Freeman, Jeffrey J. Harden
A study of low-income home buyers finds no difference in default rate based on whether they received downpayment assistance, but found the source of assistance matters.

Debunking the CRA Myth - Again
Research Report | January 2013
Debunking the CRA Myth – Again
Carolina Reid, Ellen Seidman, Mark Willis, Lei Ding, Josh Silver, Janneke Ratcliffe
Center researchers detail flaws in a paper seeking to discredit the Community Reinvestment Act and urge policymakers and practitioners to resist being distracted by this widely rejected thesis.

Published Article – Peer Reviewed | December 2012
Land use regulations and the returns to low-income homeownership
The Annals of Regional Science

FHA report cover
Research Report | December 2012
Sustaining and Expanding the Market: The Public Purpose of the Federal Housing Administration

Presentation | November 16, 2012
Mortgage Default and Local Unemployment
Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, La.
Chao Yue Tian

Presentation | November 10, 2012
Save the Home? Bankruptcy Decisions of Homeowners in Foreclosure
2012 Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Fall Research Conference, Baltimore, Md.

Presentation | September 10, 2012
How Will the Future Mortgage System Meet the Demand for Homeownership?
FreddieMac Affordable Housing Advisory Council meeting, McLean, Va.

The UNC Center for Community Capital conducts research and policy analysis on ways to make financial services work better for more people and communities.


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