Consumer Financial Services

Research and analysis on products, services and conditions that promote or inhibit wealth creation and economic mobility.

Presentation | April 20, 2012
Strategic Default Behavior and Attitudes among Urban Low-Income Homeowners
42nd Urban Affairs Association 2012 Conference, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Presentation | April 19, 2012
Learning by Doing: Lessons on Financial Education from $aveNYC
Annual Conference on Financial Education, Orlando Fla.
Kim Manturuk

Testimony | September 2011
Availability of Credit for Consumers
U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Credit for Consumers
Kim Manturuk
Strong demand exists for small-dollar consumer credit ill-served by existing products, such as payday loans, credit cards or bank loans. Consumers want credit that is affordable, repayable and close-ended.

Presentation | September 15, 2011
Personal Bankrutpcy Decisions of Lower-Income Homeowners
FDIC Consumer Research Symposium
Mark R. Lindblad, Roberto G. Quercia, Tianji Cai, Melissa Jacoby

Working Paper | April 2011
Coping with Adversity: Personal Bankruptcy Decisions of Lower-Income Homeowners Before and After Bankruptcy Reform
Mark R. Lindblad, Roberto G. Quercia, Sarah F. Riley, Melissa Jacoby, Tianji Cai, Ling Wang, Kim Manturuk

Working Paper | March 2011
Homeownership and Wealth among Low and Moderate Income Households
Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Clinton Key, Shenyang Guo, Yeong Hun Yeo, Krista Holub
Researchers finds that investing in a home yields higher short-term economic returns for low-income households than renting and choosing other forms of investment and consumption.

Research Report | February 1, 2011
The Consumer Finance Act: Report and Recommendations to the 2011 General Assembly
Janneke Ratcliffe, Kim Manturuk

ChildrenAndYouth Services
Published Article – Peer Reviewed | January 2011
Parental transfer of financial knowledge and later credit outcomes among low- and moderate-income homeowners
Children and Youth Services Review
Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Jonathan Spader, Yeong Hun Yeo, Andréa Taylor, Elizabeth Books Freeze
Researchers find that low-income adults who receive high levels of money-management teaching in childhood from their parents have higher credit scores and lower credit card debt in adulthood.

Presentation | November 4, 2010
Impact of Federal Preemption of State Anti-Predatory Lending Laws on the Foreclosure Crisis
Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management 32nd Annual Research Conference, Boston, Mass.
Janneke Ratcliffe

Research Report | November 2010
Strategies to Reduce the Racial and Gender Wealth Gaps in North Carolina
Tim Lohrentz, Jess Dorrance

The UNC Center for Community Capital conducts research and policy analysis on ways to make financial services work better for more people and communities.


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