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Research, policy analysis and recommendations on how to create a housing finance system that promotes broad access to quality mortgage products for families and communities and ensures a vibrant, sustainable mortgage market.

Park ABA
Presentation | October 4, 2013
Community Reinvestment Act Overview
American Bar Association 2013 Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law, Asheville, N.C.

Harvard Symposium - Moulton, Quercia
Working Paper | October 2013
Access and Sustainability for First Time Homebuyers: The Evolving Role of State Housing Finance Agencies
Harvard Business School National Housing Symposium
Stephanie Moulton, Roberto G. Quercia

Research Report | September 2013
Risk, Access and the QRM Reproposal
Carolina Reid, Roberto G. Quercia

Harvard Symposium - Lindblad, Rohe
Working Paper | August 2013
Reexamining the Social Benefits of Homeownership after the Housing Crisis
Harvard Business School National Housing Symposium
William M. Rohe, Mark R. Lindblad

Published Article – Peer Reviewed | July 2013
House Price Dynamics, Unemployment, and the Mobility Decisions of Low-income Homeowners
Sarah F. Riley, Giang Nguyen, Kim Manturuk

Research Report | June 5, 2013
Making the Mortgage Market Work for America’s Families
Janneke Ratcliffe, Center for American Progress, National Council of La Raza

Presentation | May 30, 2013
Home Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks
American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA) National Conference, Washington, D.C.
Chao Yue Tian

Developing the Blueprint for Viable Low-down-payment Lending
Policy Brief | May 2013
Developing the Blueprint for Viable Low-down-payment Lending
Janneke Ratcliffe
The UNC Center for Community Capital convenes a group of mortgage lenders, housing advocates, academics, policy influencers and government agency representatives for a conversation about how to rebuild a mortgage market in the wake of the financial crisis that is safer and how to extend the benefits of homeownership to less-affluent borrowers, particularly those with lower down payments.

Working Paper | May 2013
Credit and Collateral: Rising Denial Rates on Home Purchase Mortgage Applications, 2001-2011
Kevin A. Park
The odds of being denied a mortgage in 2011 are twice what they were a decade earlier, with more than 60 percent of the increase between 2007 and 2009 attributable to concerns about the value of the property used to secure the mortgage.

Research Report | March 19, 2013
Home Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks: Executive Summary

The UNC Center for Community Capital conducts research and policy analysis on ways to make financial services work better for more people and communities.


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