Consumer Financial Services

Research and analysis on products, services and conditions that promote or inhibit wealth creation and economic mobility.

Research Report | April 2013
The Importance of Tax Time for Building Emergency Savings: Major Findings from $aveNYC

Published Article – Peer Reviewed | December 2012
Factors affecting completion of a matched savings program: Impacts of time preference, discount rate, and financial hardship
The Journal of Socio-Economics

Bridges2Success image
Presentation | November 29, 2012
Building a Bridge to Success
Improving Retention & Completion Rates for Underrepresented Males on UNC System Campuses
James H. Johnson Jr., Mark McDaniel

Presentation | November 10, 2012
Save the Home? Bankruptcy Decisions of Homeowners in Foreclosure
2012 Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Fall Research Conference, Baltimore, Md.

Presentation | October 25, 2012
Evaluating Nonprofit Programs: Best Practices and Common Pitfalls
American Evaluation Association 2012 Conference, Minneapolis, Minn.
Kim Manturuk

Presentation | September 21, 2012
CFED Assets Learning Conference Closing Plenary Remarks
CFED 2012 Assets Learning Conference, Washington, D.C.

Research Report | August 2012
Financial Services Research: Standard Measures and Lessons from the Field
Jess Dorrance, Leah M. Gjertson, Kim Manturuk, Belinda Reyes, Rebecca Rouse

Presentation | June 13, 2012
Emerging Opportunities for Innovation in Small-Dollar Credit
CFSI Seventh Annual Underbanked Financial Services Forum, San Francisco, Calif.
Kim Manturuk

Working Paper | May 2012
Setting the Record Straight on Affordable Homeownership
Allison Freeman, Janneke Ratcliffe

Working Paper | May 2012
Individual, Institutional and Structural Determinants of Household Savings Decisions
Kea Turner, Kim Manturuk

The UNC Center for Community Capital conducts research and policy analysis on ways to make financial services work better for more people and communities.


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