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Research and analysis on what works in affordable homeownership, the economic and social impacts of homeownership on households and communities, and the policies and regulations needed to shape a vibrant and sustainable mortgage market

Communities and Banking cover
Published Article | Winter 2015
Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks: Implications for the Northeast
Communities & Banking
Nikhil Kaza, Roberto G. Quercia

Tenure Choice and the Future of Homeownership
Working Paper | November 2014
Tenure Choice and the Future of Homeownership
Kevin A. Park, Chris Herbert, Roberto G. Quercia
Researchers analyze Survey of Income and Program Participation data to estimate the likelihood of future homeownership and find that by 2035 the homeownership rate could fall to as low 57 percent if restrictive housing conditions persist.

Presentation | November 7, 2014
The Home Maintenance and Improvement Decisions of Low-Income Homeowners
Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Presentation | November 7, 2014
Impacts of the Financial Crisis on Attitudes Toward Homeownership and Home Purchase Decisions: A Longitudinal Analysis
Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Albuquerque, N.M.
Mark R. Lindblad

Regaining the Dream Case Studies cover
Research Report | November 2014
Regaining the Dream: Case Studies in Sustainable Low-Income Mortgage Lending
Janneke Ratcliffe
In a series of case studies covering more than 22 million mortgages, center researchers examine the motivations behind the programs, the ways in which they address market gaps and the keys to successful homeownership finance.

Enterprise Housing Goals Comment
Testimony | October 2014
2015-17 Enterprise Housing Goals
Public comment to Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt
Kevin A. Park
The center responds to the Federal Housing Finance Agency's proposed affordable housing goals for the government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for 2015-2017

HMDA Comment Oct 2014
Testimony | October 28, 2014
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (Regulation C)
Response to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's proposed rule governing Home Mortgage Disclosure (Regulation C)
Kevin A. Park
The center responds to rules proposed by the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection amending Regulation C to implement amendments to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and change institutional and transactional coverage.

Published Article – Peer Reviewed | October 16, 2014
Why Is Homeownership Associated With Nonfinancial Benefits? A Path Analysis of Competing Mechanisms
Housing Policy Debate

Policy Brief | October 2014
Serving Mortgage Market Segments Effectively
Kevin A. Park
Lowering the cost of capital required by government-sponsored enterprises can safely and efficiently serve higher-risk segments of the market, increasing opportunity for homeownership and improving market stability.

Policy Brief | October 2014
Risks of Risk‐based Pricing of Mortgage Credit
Kevin A. Park
Risk‐based pricing can have destabilizing effects on regional and national housing markets, as well as the lives of individual households.

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