Tenure Choice and the Future of Homeownership
Working Paper | November 2014
Tenure Choice and the Future of Homeownership
Kevin A. Park, Chris Herbert, Roberto G. Quercia
Researchers analyze Survey of Income and Program Participation data to estimate the likelihood of future homeownership and find that by 2035 the homeownership rate could fall to as low 57 percent if restrictive housing conditions persist.

4-14 Homeownership and Wealth
Working Paper | April 2014
Low- and Moderate-income Homeownership and Wealth Creation
Allison Freeman, Roberto G. Quercia

Harvard Symposium - Moulton, Quercia
Working Paper | October 2013
Access and Sustainability for First Time Homebuyers: The Evolving Role of State Housing Finance Agencies
Harvard Business School National Housing Symposium
Stephanie Moulton, Roberto G. Quercia

Harvard Symposium - Levitan, Ratcliffe
Working Paper | October 2013
Rethinking Duties to Serve in Housing Finance
Harvard Business School National Housing Symposium
Adam J. Levitin, Janneke Ratcliffe
As the nation rebuilds its housing finance system, a key question is whether lending institutions have “duties to serve” (DTS) – obligations to reach out to traditionally underserved communities and borrowers – and, if so, by whom, with what and how. This paper discusses the importance of homeownership for economic opportunity and recommends reforms that will make DTS more effective.

Working Paper | September 2013
Savings at Tax Time: The Effect of $aveNYC on Savings in Low-income Households
Clinton C. Key, Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Jenna N. Tucker, Krista Holub
Researchers evaluating a New York City tax-time savings program find significant effect of participation on savings levels, the presence of savings, the ratio of savings to expenses, and the likelihood of having savings to meet one month’s expenses, particularly for households without children.

Harvard Symposium - Lindblad, Rohe
Working Paper | August 2013
Reexamining the Social Benefits of Homeownership after the Housing Crisis
Harvard Business School National Housing Symposium
William M. Rohe, Mark R. Lindblad

Working Paper | May 2013
Credit and Collateral: Rising Denial Rates on Home Purchase Mortgage Applications, 2001-2011
Kevin A. Park
The odds of being denied a mortgage in 2011 are twice what they were a decade earlier, with more than 60 percent of the increase between 2007 and 2009 attributable to concerns about the value of the property used to secure the mortgage.

Working Paper | February 2013
Affordable Homeownership: The Incidence and Effect of Downpayment Assistance
Allison Freeman, Jeffrey J. Harden
A study of low-income home buyers finds no difference in default rate based on whether they received downpayment assistance, but found the source of assistance matters.

Working Paper | May 2012
Setting the Record Straight on Affordable Homeownership
Allison Freeman, Janneke Ratcliffe

Working Paper | May 2012
Individual, Institutional and Structural Determinants of Household Savings Decisions
Kea Turner, Kim Manturuk

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