Research Report | November 2016
Evaluation of the Center for Financial Solutions Innovation’s Financial Solutions Lab

Insights from PayGoal Product Journey report cover
Research Report | March 2016
Iteration to Impact: Insights from the PayGoal Product Journey
Jessica Dorrance, Lucy S. Gorham

2015 Latino Housing Study cover
Research Report | February 22, 2016
The State of Latino Housing in North Carolina 2015
Roberto G. Quercia, James H. Johnson Jr., Mark McDaniel

CFSI Small Dollar Credit Report cover
Research Report | February 2016
Designing High-Quality, Small-Dollar Credit: Insights from CFSI’s Test & Learn Working Group
Thea Garon, Beth Brockland, Lucy S. Gorham, Jessica Dorrance
A Center for Financial Services Innovation report uses center research to shed light on how financial service providers can design high-quality, small-dollar loans that offer value to providers and consumers alike.

MAGIC Mojo report cover
Research Report | July 2015
Impulse Savings: Evaluating the Impacts of MAGIC Mojo
Jessica Dorrance, Robert Donnelly, Lucy S. Gorham

Regaining the Dream Case Studies cover
Research Report | November 2014
Regaining the Dream: Case Studies in Sustainable Low-Income Mortgage Lending
Janneke Ratcliffe
In a series of case studies covering more than 22 million mortgages, center researchers examine the motivations behind the programs, the ways in which they address market gaps and the keys to successful homeownership finance.

Research Report | September 2014
The Neighborhood Stabilization Program and Habitat for Humanity International
Janneke Ratcliffe, Kevin A. Park, Jennifer Tausig

Research Report | August 2014
Bridges2Success Scholar Athlete Support Program
James H. Johnson Jr., John P. Evans, Mark McDaniel

All In Report Cover
Research Report | April 2014
All In: Building the Path to Global Prosperity through Financial Capability and Inclusion
Janis L. Bowdler, Lucy S. Gorham

affordable homes
Research Report | March 2014
Community Advantage Panel Study: Sustainable Approaches to Affordable Homeownership
This report highlights key findings from the center's long-term study of 46,000 lower‐income U.S. homeowners whose mortgages are part of the Community Advantage Program, begun before the foreclosure crisis and continuing today. The findings reveal what works in affordable mortgage lending and offers insights on how to rebuild a sustainable U.S. housing finance system.

The UNC Center for Community Capital conducts research and policy analysis on ways to make financial services work better for more people and communities.


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