Presentation | October 14, 2015
Building a Rainy Day Fund Through Impulse Savings:The Experience of MAGIC Mojo
Pathways to Prosperity Conference
Jessica Dorrance

Quercia, Pathways to Prosperity 2015
Presentation | October 13, 2015
North Carolina Housing Post Great Recession
Pathways to Prosperity 2015
Roberto G. Quercia

Presentation | April 17, 2015
The Home Maintenance and Improvement Decisions of Low-Income Homeowners
American Real Estate Society annual meeting, Fort Myers, Fla.
Sarah F. Riley

Presentation | March 27, 2015
Social Equity: Homeownership and Opportunity
2015 Journalists Forum on Land and the Built Environment. Lincoln Land Institute, Neiman Foundation, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University
Roberto G. Quercia

Presentation | March 18, 2015
The Once and Future Federal Housing Administration
The Future of the U.S. Housing Finance System: Bringing the U.S. Residential Mortgage Finance System into the 21st Century, The Wharton School., University of Pennsylvania
Roberto G. Quercia, Kevin A. Park

Presentation | November 7, 2014
The Home Maintenance and Improvement Decisions of Low-Income Homeowners
Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Presentation | November 7, 2014
Impacts of the Financial Crisis on Attitudes Toward Homeownership and Home Purchase Decisions: A Longitudinal Analysis
Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Albuquerque, N.M.
Mark R. Lindblad

Presentation | September 18, 2014
The Value of Homeownership in a Post-Recession World
CFED 2014 Assets Learning Conference, Washington, D.C.

Presentation | May 14, 2014
The Future of Homeownership
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa.

Presentation | March 21, 2014
Modifications versus Foreclosures: Effects on Habitat and Health
Urban Affairs Association 44th Conference, San Antonio, Texas
Mark R. Lindblad, Yutuan Gao, Ali Browning

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