Policy Brief | October 2014
Serving Mortgage Market Segments Effectively
Kevin A. Park
Lowering the cost of capital required by government-sponsored enterprises can safely and efficiently serve higher-risk segments of the market, increasing opportunity for homeownership and improving market stability.

Policy Brief | October 2014
Risks of Risk‐based Pricing of Mortgage Credit
Kevin A. Park
Risk‐based pricing can have destabilizing effects on regional and national housing markets, as well as the lives of individual households.

Wealth Creation Policy Brief
Policy Brief | June 2014
Low‐ and Moderate‐income Homeownership and Wealth Creation

Developing the Blueprint for Viable Low-down-payment Lending
Policy Brief | May 2013
Developing the Blueprint for Viable Low-down-payment Lending
Janneke Ratcliffe
The UNC Center for Community Capital convenes a group of mortgage lenders, housing advocates, academics, policy influencers and government agency representatives for a conversation about how to rebuild a mortgage market in the wake of the financial crisis that is safer and how to extend the benefits of homeownership to less-affluent borrowers, particularly those with lower down payments.

Policy Brief | March 19, 2013
Home Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks: Fact Sheet

Policy Brief | May 2012
Setting the Record Straight on Homeownership
Janneke Ratcliffe

Policy Brief | December 6, 2011
Five Fixes for the Foreclosure Crisis

Policy Brief | August 2010
Fannie, Freddie and the Foreclosure Crisis

Policy Brief | July 2010
CRA Did Not Cause the Foreclosure Crisis

Policy Brief | April 1, 2010
Homeownership Done Right: What Experience and Research Teaches Us
Center for American Progress
David M. Abromowitz, Janneke Ratcliffe

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