Lucy S. Gorham

Executive Director Lucy Gorham conducts research and analysis to understand what products, services and public policies hold promise for increasing the economic stability and upward mobility of low- and moderate-wealth families and communities.

Research Report | November 2016
Evaluation of the Center for Financial Solutions Innovation’s Financial Solutions Lab

Insights from PayGoal Product Journey report cover
Research Report | March 2016
Iteration to Impact: Insights from the PayGoal Product Journey
Jessica Dorrance, Lucy S. Gorham

MAGIC Mojo report cover
Research Report | July 2015
Impulse Savings: Evaluating the Impacts of MAGIC Mojo
Jessica Dorrance, Robert Donnelly, Lucy S. Gorham

All In Report Cover
Research Report | April 2014
All In: Building the Path to Global Prosperity through Financial Capability and Inclusion
Janis L. Bowdler, Lucy S. Gorham

Presentation | May 17, 2013
Challenges and Opportunities for Housing and Homeownership
National Association of Realtors Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Research Report | April 2013
The Importance of Tax Time for Building Emergency Savings: Major Findings from $aveNYC

Presentation | September 21, 2012
CFED Assets Learning Conference Closing Plenary Remarks
CFED 2012 Assets Learning Conference, Washington, D.C.

Research Report | 2009
A Prosperity Grid for North Carolina: Connecting Households and Communities to Economic Opportunity
Jessica Dorrance, Lucy S. Gorham, North Carolina Assets Alliance

The UNC Center for Community Capital conducts research and policy analysis on ways to make financial services work better for more people and communities.


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