JR BPC Commentary
Commentary | September 2014
Expanding homeownership should be guiding force in housing finance reform
Janneke Ratcliffe

Draft PMI Reqs Comment
Testimony | September 8, 2014
Draft Private Mortgage Insurer Eligibility Requirements
Response to the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Request for Input
Janneke Ratcliffe, Kevin A. Park

Research Report | June 5, 2013
Making the Mortgage Market Work for America’s Families
Janneke Ratcliffe, Center for American Progress, National Council of La Raza

Testimony | March 19, 2013
Bipartisan Solutions for Housing Finance Reform
Janneke Ratcliffe

Presentation | February 4, 2013
Homeownership and Neighborhood Stability: Linking Sense of Control Among Low-Income Homeowners and Neighborhood Crime and Disorder
Habitat for Humanity International Annual Legislative Conference
Janneke Ratcliffe

Presentation | August 15, 2012
Housing Market and Presidential Candidates (Video)
Center for American Progress Panel Discussion, Washington, D.C.
Janneke Ratcliffe

Book | August 2012
Regaining the Dream: How to Renew the Promise of Homeownership for America’s Working Families

Testimony | July 26, 2012
Housing Goals for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for 2012-2014
Federal Housing Finance Agency
Janneke Ratcliffe, Kevin A. Park

Presentation | May 22, 2012
Setting the Record Straight on Affordable Homeownership
Woodrow Wilson Center's conference, Are We Becoming a Nation of Renters?, Washington, D.C.
Janneke Ratcliffe

Research Report | May 2012
Community-based Interventions for Foreclosure Prevention and Mitigation
Janneke Ratcliffe

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