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Research Report | June 5, 2013

Making the Mortgage Market Work for America’s Families

Janneke Ratcliffe, Center for American Progress, National Council of La Raza

UNC Center for Community Capital Executive Director Janneke Ratcliffe joins experts at the Center for American Progress and the National Council of La Raza in a report calling for a housing-finance system that meets America’s housing needs.

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America’s housing-finance system stands at a crossroads. We can restructure the mortgage-finance system to restore balance to the housing market and provide credit to a broad and diverse population, or we can live with a system in which credit and housing choices are more costly, more limited, and less sustainable, especially for minority and low- and moderate-income households. The choice we make will determine not only the sustainability of a robust housing market, but also future economic opportunities for millions of families.

We believe it is possible to design a housing-finance system that effectively meets America’s housing needs, as long as we are intentional and thoughtful about doing so. By supporting the core values of access and affordability, the housing-finance system can help provide access to credit, enable families to build wealth, build strong neighborhoods and support both the local and national economy.

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