Developing New Models for Increasing Financial Capability

The center will use a $1 million investment from JPMorgan Chase to increase the financial health in under-resourced communities. Watch the video

Building the Path to Global Prosperity

A Center-JPMorgan Chase report explains how financial insecurity harms employers, taxpayers and the economy as well as families. Learn more

Home Lending That Works

The center's long-term study of homeownership reveals how successful affordable mortgages are made. Learn more

Turning Tax Refunds into Savings

The center's evaluation of the $aveNYC program shows how tax refunds with a savings match can help low-income taxpayers start saving and continue. Learn more


Consumer Financial Services
Research Report | November 2016
Evaluation of the Center for Financial Solutions Innovation's Financial Solutions Lab
Insights from PayGoal Product Journey report cover
Consumer Financial Services
Research Report | March 2016
Iteration to Impact: Insights from the PayGoal Product Journey
2015 Latino Housing Study cover
Mortgage Finance
Research Report | February 22, 2016
The State of Latino Housing in North Carolina 2015


Building a Rainy Day Fund Through Impulse Savings:The Experience of MAGIC Mojo
Consumer Financial Services
Presentation | October 14, 2015
Building a Rainy Day Fund Through Impulse Savings:The Experience of MAGIC Mojo
Jessica Dorrance
Quercia, Pathways to Prosperity 2015
Mortgage Finance
Presentation | October 13, 2015
North Carolina Housing Post Great Recession
Roberto G. Quercia
4-17-15 Riley-ARES
Mortgage Finance
Presentation | April 17, 2015
The Home Maintenance and Improvement Decisions of Low-Income Homeowners
Sarah F. Riley
3-27-15 Quercia Harvard
Mortgage Finance
Presentation | March 27, 2015
Social Equity: Homeownership and Opportunity
Roberto G. Quercia

The UNC Center for Community Capital conducts research and policy analysis on ways to make financial services work better for more people and communities.


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