Building the Path to Global Prosperity

A Center-JPMorgan Chase report explains how financial insecurity harms employers, taxpayers and the economy as well as families. Learn more

Home Lending That Works

The center's long-term study of homeownership reveals how successful affordable mortgages are made. Learn more

Turning Tax Refunds into Savings

The center's evaluation of the $aveNYC program shows how tax refunds with a savings match can help low-income taxpayers start saving and continue. Learn more

Home Energy Efficiency Reduces Mortgage Risk

Researchers find default risk one-third lower for owners of energy-efficient homes and recommend policy and regulatory changes that reflect it. Learn more


Education & Economic Mobility
Research Report | August 2014
Bridges2Success Scholar Athlete Support Program
Consumer Financial Services
Published Article – Peer Reviewed | July 16, 2014
The Community Empowerment Fund: A Matched Saving Model as an Innovative Approach to Housing the Homeless


HAWK Comment 7-14-14
Mortgage Finance
Testimony | July 14, 2014
HAWK for New Homebuyers
Roberto G. Quercia, Janneke Ratcliffe
Comment to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Quercia Future of HO 5-14-14
Mortgage Finance
Presentation | May 14, 2014
The Future of Homeownership
Roberto G. Quercia
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa.
4-3-14 SJR Mobility ARES
Mortgage Finance
Presentation | April 3, 2014
House Price Dynamics, Unemployment, and the Mobility Decisions of Low-Income Homeowners
Sarah F. Riley, Giang Nguyen, Kim Manturuk
American Real Estate Society Annual Meeting, San Diego, Calif.
Mortgage Finance
Presentation | March 21, 2014
Modifications versus Foreclosures: Effects on Habitat and Health
Mark R. Lindblad, Yutuan Gao, Ali Browning
Urban Affairs Association 44th Conference, San Antonio, Texas


Janneke Ratcliffe image
September 9, 2014
The center hosts a panel of national mortgage finance experts sharing insights on the policy outlook for mortgage credit at the 2014 American Mortgage Conference on Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2:35-3:20 in Raleigh, N.C.
Janneke Ratcliffe image
September 16, 2014
Janneke Ratcliffe joins a panel discussing mortgage credit in a tight credit environment and steps to improve access at the BPC Housing Commission summit.

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